blood and snow

1963. Winter. It is after the Cuban Missile Crisis and before President Kennedy’s assassination. US Air forces have begun to use Agent Orange in the Vietnam War, and the Civil Rights movement is about to explode. Three suburban housewives in the small town of Battle Creek, Michigan, venture into the precarious territory of an awakening women’s liberation movement ignited by Betty Friedan’s groundbreaking book The Feminine Mystique, as their lives and the surrounding community is staggered by one of Michigan’s most famous murders. The heated investigation to solve the murder juxtaposes the frustration of its external search with the internal tension of discovering what it means to own one’s personhood. 60 minutes

Cast: Anne Connolly, Tiffany Card, Lisa Spielman, Claudia Steffany, Danny Charest, John Ade, Steve Taylor, and Kevin Nangle

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