In the spirit of Independence Day, we want you to exercise your free speech for Elmwood Playhouse!

Following the Elmwood membership meeting on TUESDAY, JULY 5th, we will be holding an “Elmwood Caucus” – a Town Hall style meeting where members get the opportunity to talk about:

  • what’s working at the Playhouse
  • what needs improvement
  • how we can look toward the future, and
  • actions to take moving forward.

Here’s how it will happen: we’ll spend the first part of the Caucus meeting (about 20 minutes) in a few small groups, each moderated by a board member, where 2 or 3 questions regarding the workings of the Playhouse will be discussed. We will then join back together to share ideas and for a final wrap-up.

All are welcome! This is an opportunity to share opinions, ideas and especially actions we can take to improve our Playhouse. Please join us for this opportunity to provide feedback and input toward the future of Elmwood!

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Steve Taylor