Michael Edan

A Red Bloom in Winter (Formally Blood and Snow) Reading of Act 2

By Michael Edan

A Red Bloom in Winter is a fictional story that surrounds and involves actual events of a true crime: the murder of Daisy Zick which occurred in Battle Creek, Michigan, in January 1963.  The play juxtaposes the resurgence of feminism that took place in the early 60’s ignited by the  book The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan, through the lives of three middle class women living in Battle Creek, along with the simultaneous shock of Daisy’s murder within the community.  Along with the examination of key individuals as possible suspects in the crime, the play chronicles the profound impact of the murder upon these women, especially Helen.

At the beginning of Act I we meet Daisy, who shares the miracle of her conception through the prayers of her parents via the sudden appearance of a red gerbera daisy sprouting unexpectedly through snow (a red bloom in winter), and how forty three years later the life of that miracle was suddenly snuffed out when she was viciously stabbed to death twenty seven times.  At the end of Act I, we discovered that Helen’s husband, Robert, had a brief affair with Daisy and that Helen, in a flash back scene, secretly met with Daisy in an isolated bar/restaurant asking her to end it.  

Act 2 resumes with the investigation, and Helen’s journey of spiraling into a vortex of her own precarious identity, unresolved conflict with her husband Robert, visions of and conversations with the dead Daisy, her fear of mental breakdown and eventual discovery of what it means for a woman to claim her own power.

With: Anne Connolly, Emma Laurence, Lisa Spielman, Tiffany Card, Tracey McAllister, John Ade, Danny Charest, Kevin Nagel, Scott Schneider

Stage Directions: Margaret Young

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