Candy Pitarri

is a proud Elmwood Life Member, Gold Leaf Award recipient and Roving Reporter for Elmwood’s newsletter. On Golden Pond is Candy’s main stage directorial debut at the Elmwood Playhouse. She has directed, crewed upstairs and back stage, was a member of the Elmwood Board of Directors for 17 years, serving as VP for two terms, Secretary and Treasurer. She has designed and helped construct sets, costumed shows, and has appeared in numerous productions, singing, dancing, acting on Elmwood’s stage and elsewhere. Candy thanks all of her mentors: Barbara Sandek, Joe Lima, Peter Gregus, Kathy Gnazzo, and most of all Bob Pittari. Dedicated to Stella.


Golden Elm Leaf Recipient (1997)

Life Member (2003)

As A Cast Member:

As Production Staff / Crew Member: