Theatre Magic on Strike Sunday

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In one day, the beautiful set of “An American Daughter” came down to be replaced by that of “The Velveteen Rabbit” in a feat of organization and cooperation that seemed magical.

The entire day was a testament to the professionalism and preparedness of Rob Ward, TD for “AAD” and Set Designer and TD for “VR”. Understanding the challenge that Elmwood faced, he constructed and labeled each element of the new set ahead of time, ready to be installed once the old set was cleared away. He coordinated the efforts of a willing group of volunteers who showed up ready to do what was needed to make this speedy turn-around happen.

The first wave heeded Rob’s early 8 AM call (too many to link to individually) : Christian Pearson, Beverly Huff, Steve Taylor, John Gray, and Wendell Wahren. They were joined later by Claudia Stefany. Wendy Portney, Nathan Goulding, Danny Charest, Sam Ruck, Tracey McAllister, Marian McCabe, Elizabeth Howell, Larry Gabbard, Roy Harry, NormaJean Pfautsch, Stavros Adamides, Rob Lattanzio, Duncan Bell, Crawford Deyo, John Bradley, David Julin, Ron Drobes, Kerri Donlon, Derek Tarson, Christine Kavanagh, Jen McKiever, Steve Bermack, Harry Leavey, Marty Andreas, and Sam Negin. Many hands made light work and the transformation was complete by lunchtime.

Next, it was lighting designer Rebekah Gould’s turn to amaze, as she and Christian Pearson changed gels and refocused the instruments she had hung for “AAD”. By sundown, she was ready to create an entirely new lighting plot as we ran our cue-to-cue, less than 24 hours after the closing night performance of “AAD” had even begun….truly theatre magic.

Profound thanks to all who made this happen.
~ Marian McCabe
Producer, Velveteen Rabbit

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