Raise Money for Your Group or Organization!

Benefit performances at Elmwood are a proven means to generate funds for your organization in a meaningful and entertaining way!

We normally mount 6 productions throughout the season. Most performances are open to the public, but with a benefit, we perform just for your group. You choose the show and date that works best for your organization. We provide the theater to you at a deep discount. You set your price and sell tickets to your members and supporters.

Our benefit program features:

  • 99-seat capacity, with expanded leg room
  • Comfortable lobby with easily accessible restrooms
  • Welcome your guests in nice weather on our porch and patio
  • Serve refreshments to your guests before the show or during intermission to make your event more enjoyable.
  • T-Coil Loop System for the hearing impaired
  • Outreach: an Elmwood member involved with the show will visit your organization to get them excited about the event

Small organization? No problem.

  • Share a benefit: If you’re not sure you will sell out the theater, consider a joint benefit with a partner organization.
  • Half-house benefit: Special 50 ticket benefit packages are available for the first Saturday nights of many productions.

Contact us for more information on booking benefit performances.

Download our Benefit performance booklet