So Long, And Thanks For All The Pot Roast!

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It DOES take a village, as they say… and Elmwood is the best village I know to raise a show from auditions thru that final bow! So many people helped make Broadway Bound a success – brilliant designers and builders, a talented and hard-working cast, a dedicated and reliable crew, our lovely and talented director Kathy Gnazzo, and of course, our enthusiastic audiences! And even though we had a moment or two of concern that the renovations might NOT be completed in time for opening night, as Stanley would say, we never gave up on us, never faltered, never lost heart – and we were rewarded with this lovely, funny yet bitter sweet show, many sold out houses, and wonderful memories – memories that will last longer than that beautiful set, which was completely struck by 12 noon on Sunday! Thank you, one and all, and here’s to another great season at Elmwood!

Debbi Fleckenstein

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