A college student, Carol, drops by her professor’s office in an effort to gain his help to do better in class. John, the professor, in the midst of buying a house to celebrate his [...]

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Martin Cramer lives in an expensive high rise on Manhattan’s upper east side. He likes to play Debussy on his balcony at one a.m. Sally Cramer, played on Broadway by Marlo Thomas, is his [...]

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Side Man

Set in 1953 and traveling to 1985, this lovely and poignant memory play unfolds through the eyes of Clifford, the only son of Gene, a jazz trumpet player, and Terry, an alcoholic mother. [...]

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Uncle Vanya

The play portrays the visit of an elderly professor and his glamorous, much younger second wife, Yelena, to the rural estate that supports their urban lifestyle. Two friends—Vanya, brother of the [...]

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It's the 21st birthday celebration of Francis Geminiani. In attendance are his divorced blue collar father Fran and Fran's widowed girlfriend Lucille, next-door neighbor Bunny Weinberger and her [...]

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Loose Ends

Paul is a Peace Corps dropout, and Susan is in freefall when they meet on a beach in Bali. Later, in Boston, they live together and then marry. Separating briefly, then reconciling in a New York [...]

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So virtuous is Tartuffe that every form of pleasure is an abomination to him. Orgon, a rich merchant, is completely duped by the ruse and watches approvingly as the cunning Tartuffe "reforms" his [...]

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Troy Maxson, a former star of the Negro baseball leagues who now works as a garbage man in 1957 Pittsburgh. Excluded as a black man from the major leagues during his prime, Troy’s [...]

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The Three Sisters

A year after the death of their father, an army officer, the Moscow-bred sisters Prosorov--Olga, Masha and Irina--are finding life drab and increasingly hopeless in a Russian provincial town.