Playbill Advertising Half Price Sale For The Remainder Of The Season

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The task of creating a playbill for Elmwood Playhouse, specifically, is monumental. It requires much diligence to prepare the text in a pleasing manner to the eye. It must include all the pertinent information that a patron would be interested in viewing. It must not cost Elmwood Playhouse any money.

It must not cost Elmwood Playhouse any money. What does this mean? It means that Beverly Huff must acquire enough advertising support to cover the cost of printing this specific document for the entire season.

The Playbill Must Remain in the Black, or Can the Playbill Survive?

This cost is approximately $10,000. Ten thousand dollars! We have not yet reached this goal and needs your help!

This is a tremendous amount of money and Beverly has not yet reached this goal for the current season. Please support her efforts by helping her obtain more advertising prospects.

Everyone has a hair dresser, mechanic, favorite restaurant, dentist, doctor, etc. Please approach them with enthusiastic passion for Elmwood Playhouse, a non-profit, non-equity community theater. Tell them what a great investment they are making for the good of all. Community theater is a wonderful venue for entertainment. They will even be given a chance to view what they have invested in as we offer preview tickets to show our appreciation for their generosity. In addition, the playhouse is located in a wonderful town offering many great restaurants. It is an opportunity to not only see a great show, but dine on some of the best food offerings in Nyack.

Much more advertising is needed to help the playbill survive. Contact Beverly Huff, for details. Your help is truly appreciated.

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