Hospitality Staff 2016-2017 Season Thank You

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Without the following long list of special people, we cannot effectively run the hospitality counter at the theater. Beverly Huff is extremely grateful to the following members (and a few friends) who graciously gave of their time to ensure a most successful 2016-2017 season. The numbers after some of the names indicate the number of times the person volunteered.

Hospitality Volunteers 2016-2017 Season

Stavros Adamides
Duncan Bell
Steve Bermack (6)
Maxine Bernstein (7)
John Bradley (3)
Laurie Brown
Penny and Tony Buccafuri (4)
Kevin Cannon
Rich Ciero
Stacey Cretekos
Jeannette Cristiano (4)
Elaine D’Addezio (2)
Kerry Davis
Toni De Furia
Alan Demovsky (3)
Crawford Deyo
Dana Duff
Michael Edan
Kate Farren
Janet Fenton (3)
Vicki Fiarman (2)
Walter and Barbara Fiedler
Debbi Fleckenstein (2)
Donna Fox
Gail Fleur (2)
Dennis Fleming
Kathy Gnazzo (3)
Mike Gnazzo
Bernie Garzia
Sandy and Neil Gordon (2)
Sharon Gordon
Dolores Hodesblatt (5)
Omar Kozarsky (2)
Joann Lamneck
Ayn Lauren (5)
Barbara Levitt (2) and Harvey Lane (2)
Nancy Logan (6)
Brian Luke (2)
Marian McCabe (3) and John Gray (3)
Barbara Murphy
Carol Napier (2)
Janine Napierkowski (3)
Sam Negin
Vanessa Ploski
Wendy Portney
Edwards Presume
Kelly Quartironi (2)
Donna Quirk (2) and Mark Quirk
Lucille Schroeder
Linda Schwartz (7)
Eva Simons
Kathy Simpson (6) and Brian Simpson (6)
Lisa Spielman
Sandy Stead
Claudia Stefany (3)
Linda Talarico (4)
Derek Tarson
Julie Wendholt
Gordon and Patricia Wolotira (2)
Margaret Young

Thanks so very much!

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