Helping Elmwood with Citi Thank You Points

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If you are a Citibank client – either through a bank account or a credit card – and you have accrued a number of “Thank You” points that you have no idea how to use, please consider using them to support Elmwood.

If you visit (Citi’s website for Thank You points), you will see a menu option for “More Ways to Redeem.” If you click on that, you will see an option to “Donate with Points.” You can then follow the instructions to open an account with On the pointworthy site, you can search for charity by name. Elmwood is listed as “Elmwood Community Playhouse, Inc.” – our legal name – but just “Elmwood Playhouse” works to locate us.

You must have at least 1,000 points to donate (which translates to a $10 donation), but you can also add a cash donation if you feel particularly generous. It’s a great way to both use your points for a worthwhile cause and to support the arts here in Rockland County.

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