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Are you a parent, grandparent, person who loves children (or know someone who is)? We’re looking to attract audiences outside of our typical subscriber base and need your help! We’re looking for some grassroots efforts to help promote the upcoming production of The Velveteen Rabbit.

If you have a connection to any child-focused groups (PTA, scout troops, dance studios, libraries, karate studios, etc. ) ask if you can post a flyer in the lobby or distribute at a meeting.

Active in a Facebook parent or community group? Let them know about this unique holiday gift. To avoid the solicitation angle make the post personal like: “Just bought my grandkids tickets to Velveteen Rabbit at Elmwood Playhouse. Thought it would be a great idea to share for anyone looking forward to a new gift.” OR “Saw some people looking for family activities for the holidays. Elmwood Playhouse is bringing back their children’s show this season with The Velveteen Rabbit.”

Make it personal and in your own words. After all, we’re all fans of Elmwood.

Use the link below to share the event on Facebook. Post to your wall, message your friends. Every little bit helps.

Thanks in advance for you efforts!

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