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Free Comedy Improv Class Auditions: Sun, Sept 13th at 6:pm & Mon, Sept 14th at 7:30pm at the Elmwood Tarson Studio. Performance: Monday December 7th, 8:30 pm at the Elmwood Membership Meeting.

While improvisation is “making it up on the spot,” it is not chaos. This comedy improv class teaches structure, techniques and formulas that you can depend on.

Students learn to perform short form improvisational comedy and graduate by presenting a live 45 minute variety show consisting of games and skits similar to the television shows “Whose Line Is It, Anyway”, “Thank God you’re here” and “Second City TV”. The class is designed for beginner to intermediate and guarantees that virtually anyone can learn the skills to be funny.

18 rehearsal classes are held over 10-11 weeks, Monday and Friday evenings from 7:30 to 10:pm at Elmwood Playhouse, 10 Park St, Nyack NY 10960. You must enjoy comedy, satire, sarcasm and a bit of the absurd while engaging your sense of play with others. Acting experience is beneficial but not essential.

Auditions are casual. I’ll have you do beginner’s ‘Improv’ exercises, to see if this is for you (your take and mine.) This class is FREE, but you MUST commit to attending the rehearsal classes. Each class is a building block for the next.

Larry Marino has perfected a no-fail method of teaching comedy improvisation for actors, teachers, business leaders, retirees and just about anyone who wants to have fun. For over 10 years, Larry’s short-form comedy improvisation classes have been a hit with audiences at Elmwood Playhouse in Nyack. Participants love the classes and look forward to rehearsals. Graduates have gone on to stand up comedy performances at Levity Live, NY comedy clubs, TV commercials and talking their way out of speeding tickets.

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  • Foster Bass
    Foster Bass

    Is this class for adults only or is it open to teenagers?

    • ElmwoodPlayhouse

      I will have director contact you to address that question.

    • Larry Marino
      Larry Marino

      It really depends on the individual, but as ages ranges are “20 to 50” somethings in most casts, the problem becomes frame of reference, I cast from who comes out, but I would think a very mature, well read 16 or 18 year old might be able to “hold their own” in an older group with some younger folks. The rehearsals are from 7:30 pm to 10 pm, on Mondays and Fridays, so school might be an issue as well. I have thought about doing a High School age group for a while as well, and if I do, that would be an earlier time of day, after school, say 4 to 6:30 pm, Interest there?

  • Foster Bass
    Foster Bass

    Thanks Larry. Yes, I think there’s interest for a high school class. Words and Music did one a couple of years ago and my son and his friends had a blast. They’ve been looking for another once since.

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