Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Thank You

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Now that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has been put to bed (so to speak) my producers and I would like to extend some very well deserved and much needed thank you’s.

THANK YOU to crew and cast of American Daughter for supplying food and clean-up for our closing night party. The food was scrumptious and a-plenty!

And as we all know a theatre is made up of many different people doing many different and integral jobs. To all of those who work behind the scene of the theatre who make it possible for those of us in the production to do OUR jobs including all the Board members as well as our President Steve Taylor who put in so many hours keeping things moving behind the scenes – THANK YOU.

To everyone who helped to physically make our production possible and keep it going. To my creative team and run crew – Marissa, Janet, Mike, David, Crawford, Ben, Duncan, Jennie, Johnnie, A.J., Kerri, Jenna, Ayn, Sandy, R.J., Allison and Catie – From creating and making effects happen, to building/painting sets, pulling/sewing costumes, hanging and creating a light design, composing music, finding sound effects and making sure everything stays in top-notch condition thru the entire run, for the hours and days you put into our production, for your creative talent, for your dedication we THANK YOU.

And my cast – I am exceedingly proud of my cast and the work they did in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It can be a challenge to fill houses for a six-person show performing in a winter slot, but I am proud to say that in addition to great ticket sales we sold out more than half of our performances. These actors – John, Neil, Dana, Victor, Scott, Meg, – were an incredible ensemble. They spent weeks rehearsing and doing work not only at the theatre but in their “off” time as well. Their dedication to our production went above and beyond, and I will never forget how much fun it was in rehearsals to push the boundaries and discover new moments. For all of that, along with your valuable time, your talent and your commitment we THANK YOU.

While art and how people interpret it can change with time, the one thing that never changes or fades is the need for volunteers, and the least we can do is express our appreciation for their time and talent for without them, the art doesn’t happen. And isn’t that why we’re here in the first place? That appreciation lets us all know that we’re in this together.

So I ask you to please take a moment and look over the list of the people below who made our production possible. For while some get applause for their performance, they all should be thanked for their time and dedication.


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