We Need Your Help

As a volunteer powered, not for profit 501c organization, we need you to keep us going.

We know that you support the arts. When funding cuts prevail and economic stress creates hard choices, we need your support even more than ever. All donations are tax deductible. To make a gift or contribution online, please use the donate button up top or the hyperlinks below.

There are many ways to play a part in this award winning community theatre:

Making any donation, large or small, immediately does two things:

  1. You insure that people who are passionate about theatre continue to enjoy Elmwood’s high-quality productions.
  2. You provide real world, hands on arts education for your friends, neighbors and future generations.

Become a Monthly Contributor

Click the Donate Button below:

then on the next screen, enter the amount you wish to donate and your method of payment. To make your contribution reoccur every month automatically, simply choose the PayPal method for payment and the “Make this a monthly donation” checkbox.

Make a One Time Donation

Celebrate a loved one by making a charitable donation in their name. Or simply give a donation just to say thanks.”Here’s 10 bucks to help! Just saw the show and was blown away by the talent and production values at Elmwood.”

Become an Angel, Star, Backer, Benefactor, or Friend

We’ll include your gracious contribution in our production playbills thanking you for your support. For more on Inner Circle membership, please contact the Board of Directors.

To make a one time donation, simply click on one of the buttons below.

Friend Benefactor Backer Star Angel Inner Circle
$50 $100 $250 $500 $1000 $5,000 – $10,000+

Join the Legacy Society

As an esteemed Legacy Society member, your commitment to Elmwood Playhouse and the arts lives on through estate planning now. Contact our Legacy Society Chairperson is you any further questions.

We are delighted to accept donations online, in person or by mail. Checks can be made payable to Elmwood Playhouse Inc and sent to:

Elmwood Playhouse
10 Park St.
Nyack NY 10960

Or for strict confidentiality, mail directly to:
Morgan Stanley
61 South Paramus Road,
Paramus, NJ 07652
Attn: Elmwood Playhouse acct

For more information call (845) 353-1313

Thank You so much for considering a gift to Elmwood Playhouse!

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