Christian Pearson finishes Eagle Scout project for Elmwood Playhouse!

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We are honored to have been chosen by Christian Pearson to complete his Eagle Scout project requirement and improve three areas of our Playhouse: organization in our costume collection, creation of new wig storage and storage outside our dressing rooms. These behind-the-scenes improvements will be of ongoing use to the staff and designers, making their jobs easier and greatly supporting our productions. At the May monthly meeting on Monday, May 1, Claudia Stefany , Christian’s Board liaison, spoke about the project and congratulated Christian on his achievement, as well as thanking Christian’s mentor and fellow Elmwood member Rob Ward.

“The first time I met Christian Pearson was on the stage at Clarkstown North High school in New City where I direct the annual Spring musical. The stage crew kids, all of whom I knew, were taking a break from set building to share a pizza. I saw a very animated young man in the mix and since I didn’t know him I introduced myself and asked him who he was. He said, “My name is Christian Pearson. I don’t go here. I go to South but I like the theater kids here so I thought I’d come over and help them build your set.” At the time I thought, ‘What a nice kid’ but year after year and show work call after show work call Christian has proven himself as more then just that. He is kind. He is generous. He is dependable. He is remarkably goofy but lucky for us all, he is a theater lover. In his time here at Elmwood he has crewed many shows and he even made his unforgettable theatrical debut as Frank the Steady-Cam Guy in “An American Daughter!” Who could forget the poignant line ‘We have sync!’ in the hands of a master thespian like Christian Pearson? But seriously, we are here today to thank Christian for his decision to make Elmwood the recipient of his Eagle Scout Award Project which if you aren’t aware included the improvement of 3 areas of our building- new heavy-duty, reinforced shoe shelving in the costume loft, wig storage in an otherwise unusable wall space going up to the light/sound booth and finally, a compartmentalized storage unit for all our cleaning supplies and paper goods downstairs next to the dressing rooms.

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors and the membership here at Elmwood, I would like to thank him, his parents, his fellow troop members, his Boy Scout advisors and mentors including our own Rob Ward, for making these projects become a reality. With the help of his team, Christian planned, raised all the funds for and executed to completion these projects for the benefit of our theatre and as a friend and theatre collaborator I am so very grateful for his efforts.

-In the fall, Christian will be attending SUNY- Cortland where he will be pursuing a degree in technical theatre. I am so proud of Christian and would like us all to congratulate and applaud him on a job well done. ”
– Claudia Stefany

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