A Call to Join the Opening Night Committee

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The opening night committee is a small but mighty group that performs an integral function within the Elmwood community. The parties that the public attends along with the cast and crew of each show are joyful occasions that go very smoothly. That smoothness and joy that you see are the result of the work done by the Opening Night Committee. The committee comes in about 15 minutes after the opening night curtain rises and sets up the tables, chairs, and food over the course of the performance. The 2+ hours of a performance and its intermission leave the group time for a leisurely, enjoyable repartee to develop among the group, who are working to create the fun atmosphere for the festivities to follow. It is the Opening Night Committee that sets and maintains the tone that Elmwood has come to expect at its opening night parties.

Though I can no longer participate with this committee due to other obligations, I think this has been a terrific experience for me. As I step down from the committee, I would strongly encourage any Elmwood member who has the time and the interest to join the committee. The work is as rewarding as working on the actual productions, if not more, and is a vital part of Elmwood’s public image.

– Sam Negin


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