Building a Community Theatre That Never Closes

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Can you renovate a house while 300 people are living in it? We just did. We not only survived, but thrived, but how? Once again, the magic word here is “collaboration”.

While mounting professional quality theatre is never easy, putting up a winner while undergoing heavy renovations is not an enterprise for your typical community theatre. Lets face it, Elmwoodians are an atypical group. We take ourselves for granted because rising above and beyond is what we do. Applause we get from patrons, but internal appreciation from each other for this kind of effort is often left as a softly muttered, “that’ll do..”

Through extensive planning, communication and collaboration on all fronts, we made it through renovations without shedding blood. Despite sleepless nights, 11th hour elbow grease, and electrical sticker shock, we opened on time with a great show in a gorgeous theatre. Our wonderful contractors, dedicated members and the fantastic team who delivered the hugely successful season opener – Broadway Bound – all came together -allowing one season to roll seamlessly into the next. No small accomplishment indeed.

We finished expanding the lobby, an upgraded entryway, new siding on the building, a new production loft and most of all – a bigger and better auditorium for our audiences all while Broadway Bound rehearsed and constructed the stunning 2 story period apartment onstage. In between auditions, workshops and many other committees working in the complex, Elmwood is ever growing, non stop hub of activity.

As Broadway Bound moves out and our phase II renovations are comer nearer to completion, the time is right to express heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone for their planning, communication, and collaborative work at this momentous accomplishment in Elmwood history.

Welcome ‘Good People‘, our 2nd production for the 2015-16 season.

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Beth Lynch