A Bridge Well Crossed

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A Bridge Not Crossed

This bridge uncrossed doesn’t span a raging river or a gentle stream but torrents of doubt, whirlpools of fear, confidence swept away like driftwood caught up in the force of the unknown, afraid now a dream to claim.

This bridge not crossed is the end of the journey even though the road continues at the other end, the sky darkens over this bridge from lowering clouds, uncertainty pours from this cloud like a monsoon rain.

Many are standing at this bridge uncrossed, they cannot return to the safety of the past, to stay in
the present there’s nothing there to last, to get to the future over this bridge one must pass.

Courage is built one step at a time, a few more steps confidence climbs, looking back it’s no longer a bridge uncrossed, hope is restored, soon the bridge crossed will be out of sight, dreams can return, dreams that last.

– Herbert Dry

When starting any project there is always an element of curiosity, excitement and just plain fear. ‘Bridges’ was exactly that for me but from the very onset I was blessed with the absolute best of the best who soon turned any trepidation I might have into pure joy. Wendy Portney, Crawford Deyo, Jennilee Aromando, Rebekah Gould, Janet Fenton, Larry Wilbur, Marissa Abreu & Tony Bellomy- Thank you for your talent, support, genius, organization, kindness and friendship. To my cast- I adore you! Thank you for trusting in me and for letting me boss you around for 4 months. To Tori Mentz, Kathy Gnazzo, Scott Nangle, Allison Schneider, our Spot and LBOs thank you for your time and attention to detail. Thank you to John Bradley and all the men and women who helped build, paint and strike our gorgeous set and thank you to all our wonderful unsung heroes-the Play Selection and Opening Night Party committees, Omar Kozarsky, Kandi Rosenbaum, Beverly Huff, Evelyn Russo and a special thank you to Jennie Marino for taking the most gorgeous production shots I could have ever imagined.

Maya Angelou said , “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I will never forget how in 2017 a wonderful group of people all came together and made a beautiful bridge. You made me feel like anything was possible in our remarkable little playhouse and for that I will will always be eternally grateful.

Happy New Year!
Claudia Stefany

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