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Not only did The Bridges of Madison County open to a great audience, the Opening Night Champagne Reception festivities was sponsored by 8 North Broadway, a lovely restaurant located in Nyack.

8Northtable4Everyone was thrilled to try some savory treats at the reception provided to us by 8 North Broadway, a restaurant located right in the Village of Nyack. Our reception table was filled with Vegetable Flatbreads, Lemon Wings, Potato and Feta Croquettes, Eggplant, Tzaziki, and Hummus Dips, with a great platter of Pita chips! Of course we still have our bubbling Champagne and Sweets table.

On behalf of your Opening Night Champagne Reception Committee, we look forward to putting on the Ritz on opening nights with our new reception sponsor 8 North Broadway!

Thank you and Enjoy!
Carolynn Whitford

  • Carolynn Whitford
    Carolynn Whitford

    Thank you again to 8 North Broadway for sponsoring our Opening Night Champagne Receptions! And kudos to a great Team that puts on the receptions. We are blessed to have such great people involved in this festive tradition. Happy Holidays to all our Elmwood family and friends.

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