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Our story is a longtime Elmwood tradition. The Opening Night Champagne Reception. It started many years ago and enjoyably our Elmwood family continues to keep the flame lit today. Opening Night – the term alone can either send shivers down your back or pump you up. Each show is different and each cast and crew are also different, but the tradition hasn’t changed ~ celebrating the kick off of a run of a show with champagne, hors d’oeuvres and of course something sweet and delicious. But it wasn’t always like that, in years gone by sometimes cast and crew would pot luck a party and throw it together having the times of their life. Or even a bunch would go over to a cast member’s home and just become closer to your cast mates truly making lifelong friendships. And then the good old days of meeting at one of Nyack’s bar or even at the diner. Whatever and wherever the party it was, now the Opening Night Champagne Reception continues to keep that flame lit bringing celebration to each show and helping make more friendships, more connections and y’know, make more traditions. The Opening Night Committee looks forward to each and every show – popping champagne and putting out such savory plates of cheeses and crackers, dips and chips, sweets and desserts, and is proud to keep that tradition going!

Here’s to more Opening Nights at Elmwood!

Your Co-chairs,
Carolynn Whitford (written by)
Kandi Rosenbaum

2017 Opening Night Committee:
Elaine D’addezio, Carol Napier, Brian Luke, Sam Negin, Steve Kiss and Gail Fleur.

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