Auditions for October Workshop – June 15th

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Derek Tarson will be directing the October Workshop – the first act of Moss Hart’s “Light Up The Sky.” (4 men, 4 women – see character descriptions below)


Wednesday, June 15, 2016 from 7:00 – 9:00 in the Sorkin Studio (If a conflict prevents your auditioning at that time, please contact Derek Tarson- see below)


Monday, October 3, 2016 (after the membership meeting)


It’s 1948. The three hours before a new play by fledgling playwright, Peter Sloan, involving some of the great talents on Broadway is set to open out-of-town in Boston. The play about to open is an allegory set one hour after an atom bomb has dropped on Radio City Music Hall. Everyone is wildly enthusiastic, except for the lead actress’ mother (for reasons revealed in the play). In the tradition of show business people everywhere, love, earnestness, enthusiasm, and warm feelings abound in histrionic excess—until they don’t.

This lovable Moss Hart classic ran for 214 performances and is still a favorite in regional theatre.


Irene Livingston (35-65) — A Broadway star. Think Gertrude Lawrence. Self-centered, but lovably so.

Carleton Fitzgerald (35-65) — The director. Every one of his actions is filled with drama for him. He cries reading the phone book.

Sidney Black (40-70) — A self-made businessman— now everything he touches turns to gold. A colorful speaker (“When I let go [of a buck], that eagle not only screams, it goes back to the mint with a double rupture.”) The producer of the show because he loves the play.

Stella Livingston (65-85) — Irene’s mother. A real “Mama Rose” (but without her self-destructiveness). A tough old broad – devoted to playing gin rummy in her golden years.

Frances Black (35-50) — Sidney’s wife. From the other side of the tracks, but now a professional ice skater. Down to earth – not insincere – good friends with Stella.

Nan Lowell (Any age) — Efficient and detached from the theatre people around her. The ghost-writer for Irene’s memoirs.

Peter Sloan (25-35) — The playwright. Eager, yet shy and removed. Was a truck driver who worked on his days off to create his vision.

Owen Turner (45-70) — A successful playwright. Dry and witty, yet empathetic (Probably based on Moss Hart himself).

If you’d like a copy of the play or have any questions, please contact Derek Tarson – (845) 405-1309 or email at

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