AUDITIONS for OTHELLO with Babbling Brook Players

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NOTE: This is NOT an Elmwood event

Auditions this Thursday and Friday, April 19th and April 20th, at the Ramapo Senior Center, 319 Haverstraw Road (Route 202 & Mayer Road) in Montebello, NY for William Shakespeare’s Othello. Elmwood’s Derek Tarson is directing.

AUDITION DETAIL: Sides from the script will be made available at the audition. Auditioners may also present a prepared Shakespeare monologue to showcase their talent, but monologues are not required. The roles of Iago, Brabantio, Lodovico, and the Duke of Venice are already cast, but all other roles are available.

REHEARSALS: Begin mid-May – mainly weekday evenings with some Saturday or Sunday afternoons

PERFORMS: 3 or 4 venues (both indoors and outdoors) in the early evenings of August 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11.

MORE INFO: Questions can be emailed to the director, Derek Tarson, at

SYNOPSIS: Babbling Brook Players is seeking actors and actresses for a modern-dress, approximately 90-minute, production of William Shakespeare’s “Othello–The Moor of Venice” – set in the late 1960s, early 1970s (at the peak of the sexual revolution and the start of recognition for equal rights for all races – but with repressive attitudes still running strong). All characters to speak with American accents. The synopsis of the play is available from many sources including

OTHELLO (African-American, Male, 30-45) – A successful general, but a Moor who is foreign to the ways of Venice. His apparent narcissism masks a deep-seated insecurity that he may be deceived and taken advantage of because of his unfamiliarity with Venetian society.

DESDEMONA (White, Female, 20s) – A wealthy society girl, who has enough backbone to defy her father and elope with Othello – an older, less wealthy man of another race – but who is ill-equipped to handle her husband’s unexpected and unfounded jealous rages.

EMILIA (White, Female, 30-50) – A working-class woman with a fiery anger. Iago’s wife and Desdemona’s attendant. Kind and warm beneath her rough exterior.

CASSIO (White, Male, 20s) – A wealthy, privileged, handsome lieutenant with a weakness for drinking. Basically sweet, but insecure because he suspects he doesn’t possess the leadership qualities his position requires. Fulsome because he tries too hard to please other people.

RODERIGO (White, Male, 20s) – A weasel-y admirer of Desdemona and confidant of Iago. Wealthy and privileged, but sneaky and unethical.

BIANCA (Any Race, Female, 20-45) – Working-class girlfriend of Cassio – loud and sassy. While some of the characters refer to her as a prostitute, there is nothing in the text to corroborate this and she may just be a little sexually loose. (Bianca may double with two smaller roles – 2nd Senator and Gratiano.)

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