ARC and Elmwood Together! Come see the April 3 Sundays at 7!

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Paul RussoAt a time when we’re bombarded with dirty politics, natural and man-made disasters, and tragic stories every time you turn on the news or read a headline, our ARC and Elmwood collaboration is a welcome, joyful respite!

I fell in love with the project at my first rehearsal – Nancy Logan told me I’d have to sing, too, to which I laughingly replied, “Nah, I can’t sing!” Jessica, one of our performers, looked me right in the eye and said “Excuse me, Debbi, but I’m sure you have a beautiful voice, you just have to do your best!”

Who could resist that kind of positive attitude?

ARC Rehearsal

Lisa Spielman, Kathy Gnazzo rehearsal during “ARC and Elmwood Together”

It’s been an absolute joy watching this cast learn the songs and choreography, all the while supporting and encouraging each other. I had the honor of getting to know them a bit better when I interviewed them for their bios: Josh was in commercials as a child and appeared off-Broadway; Danny wants to be on the Special Olympics International team so he can represent our country and make them proud; Cristina likes doing word search puzzles; Lindsey was proud of herself for doing well at rehearsal!

I’m proud of all of them, and grateful for Tuesday night rehearsals with kind and caring new friends!

Make sure to get your tickets for the April 3rd Sundays at 7 – it’s sure to make you smile!

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