Selling Elmwood to the public, our public face.

CommitteeCommittee ChairContact Info
Playbill (Bios)Deb Fleckensteinsubmit bio
Playbill (Advertising)Beverly Huffsend message
PublicityOmar Kozarskysend message
AdvertisingJim Lugosend message
WebsiteOmar Kozarskysend message
BenefitsKathy Simpsonsend message
BrochureEvelyn Russosend message
Newsletter / Email BlastsEvelyn Russosubmit news
Social MediaMargaret Youngsend message

Finance / Treasury

Funds, revenue or income

CommitteeChairContact Info
Business ManagerDerek Tarsonsend message
TreasurerScott Nanglesend message
GrantsLisa Spielmansend message
FundraisingLisa Spielmansend message
Patron LettersEvelyn Russosend message
Finance Advisory CommitteeScott Nanglesend message

Artistic Aspects

Performances, performing, directing or producing

CommitteeChairContact Info
Play Selection Ayn Laurensend message
Director DevelopmentMarian McCabesend message
Sundays at 7Margaret Youngsend message
WorkshopsJenn Vogelsend message
Lobby DisplaysLouise Bryantsend message

Plant Property and Equipment

Physical building, day-to-day management of our theatre. Also behind the scenes support of artistic operations and production values of shows

Community Relations and Membership

Local, face-to-face communications and outreach. Also questions regarding membership and member benefits, things expected of members, and our organization in general.

CommitteeChairContact Info
Tech Events –send message
Street Fairs –send message
Special Events –send message
InternshipsKathy Gnazzosend message
Opening Night PartyCarolynn Whitfordsend message
Halloween FloatDuncan Bellsend message
Sunshine CommitteeKathy Simpsonsend message
HistorianMike Gnazzosend message
Special Member Events –send message
Theatre LibraryNancy Logansend message
MembershipEvelyn Russosend message
Human ResourcesSteve Taylorsend message