A Velveteen “Thank You”

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The Velveteen RabbitSo many people were involved in making a success of our holiday offering whose names never seem to be mentioned — I’ll try to remember them all.

Beverly Huff and Maxine Bernstein handled the hospitality counter for the lion’s share of the run, dispensing juice boxes and candy canes with a smile — thank you ladies. And to Nancy Hogan-Logan for stocking our hospitality counter with special kid-friendly snacks and drinks, many thanks.

Our talented sound designer, Larry Marino, was inadvertently left out of the program — mea culpa and thank you. Speaking of our program, thank you to Debbi Fleckenstein and Evelyn Russo.

Scott Nangle created yet another beautiful picture board, so much so that several cast members have asked how they may purchase their own — wonderful job, Scott.

Tim Reid came in at the last moment to help find a solution to a lighting problem and saved the day — thank you.

Finally, thank you to our strike crew:
Rob Ward, Derek Tarson, Christine Kavanagh, Lisa Hold, Jennifer McKiever, Christian Pearson, Steve Bermack, Harry Leavey, Marty Andreas, Sam Negin, Omar Kozarsky, James Sarna, Laura Rothschild, Marian McCabe, John Gray, Crawford Deyo, Brian Luke, Steve Taylor, John McGinn, Elwood and Charlie.

To anyone I may have forgotten, please forgive me in the spirit of the season. And to the entire Elmwood family, Happy Holidays!

~ Marian McCabe

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