Elmwood Playhouse Announces Cast and Crew for “La Cage Aux Folles”

The Elmwood Playhouse is pleased to announce the cast and crew for its upcoming production of “La Cage Aux Folles“.

Cast / Crew List for La Cage Aux Folles

Cast List:

Albin: Larry Gabbard
George: John Ade
Jean-Michel: Damon Quattroechi
Jacob: Tom Kiely
Anne: Kaitlyn Kozinski
Dindon / Renaud: James Lugo
Marie Dindon / Mme. Renaud: Mariann Felice
Jaqueline: Leslie Silverman
Francis / Tabarro: Andrew Greenway
Cagelles: Briana Brink-Rivera, Alex Francisco, Holly Macklay, Alison Miller, Tilden Todd

Crew List:

Director: Alan Demovsky
Assistant to the Director: Kathleen Mahan
Musical Director: Chris Bankey
Choreographer: Steve Dougherty
Co-Producer: Lori Adelson
Co-Producer: Penny Buccafuri
ASM: Joe DiGennaro
Set Design: Ron Drobes
Set Design: Chantal Bourdages
Costume Design: Suzanne Potoma
Light Design: Ray Poquette
Props: Rich Ciero
Props: Christine Francois

The Elmwood Playhouse strives to present to the community plays of cultural value and to further the individual abilities of the members of its theater and the community at large.

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