Boeing Boeing is Going, Going, Gone!

Boeing Boeing wrapped up its run on October 9, after an adrenaline-pumping, theater-evacuating fire alarm at intermission – what a way to make an exit!

Many thanks to the folks who kept us flying smoothly, especially TD Crawford Deyo, who created an industrial-strength, mid-century modern couch in a day when we realized the lovely one we had borrowed didn’t stand a chance of surviving the acrobatics of the run. And kudos to the entire build team who produced a set so precise that it started self-destructing immediately after the final curtain call!

Thanks, too, to the cast and crew of The Other Place for the plentiful and delicious food for our closing night party…and strike…. and then some!

Now that this flight has safely landed, the cast can take their shoes off, ease their seat back, and take a break from kissing, smacking, dashing, groping, leaping and sweating… until we meet again – WHOOSH!!

The Elmwood Playhouse strives to present to the community plays of cultural value and to further the individual abilities of the members of its theater and the community at large.

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